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Anchoring calm

Type of activity: Visualisation

Location: Anywhere

Materials: None

Length 15 minutes

Find somewhere quiet that you can sit with no distractions. Closing your eyes will make the visualisation easier.


  • Remember a time where you felt really calm. Perhaps following a particular meditation, after a long soak in the bath, or listening to your favourite music.


  • Choose an anchor. This can be touching your thumb and forefinger together, making a fist, or create your own.


  • Return to your memory of feeling calm. What can you see and hear? How did you feel? Place yourself inside the memory as if you are reliving it and can feel what it was like to be calm.


  • Replay this memory and as you begin to feel calm activate your anchor. For example, touch your thumb and forefinger together, or make a fist. Keep it activated until the feeling of calm starts to subside. Then release it.


  • Break your state by opening your eyes and counting to 20.


  • Now test your anchor by activating it again as seeing if you feel calm.


  • If it does not work check in with yourself. Is there anything distracting you? Was the memory you used strong enough? Try again.

Once you have successfully set up your anchor you can activate it any time you need to feel calmer.

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