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finding calm in nature

Type of activity: Meditation

Location: Anywhere but preferably somewhere calm and peaceful outdoors

Materials: None

Length 15-20 minutes

Pick a time and place to go for a quiet walk in nature.


  • Begin by walking mindfully. Paying attention to your breath, the sounds you can hear, sensations such as a breeze and the ground under your feet. What can you smell, what colours can you see?


  • As you walk try and notice if anything you are passing gives a sense of calmness. It may be an old tree, a big rock, or a collection of flowers. Whatever you are drawn to.


  • If you can move closer to the thing which is emanating calmness, perhaps sit down near it.


  • Allow the calmness to move through you so that you are embodying it and allowing it to relax you.


  • Notice how you feel as the calmness moves through you. Does your muscle tension change? Do your thoughts change?


  • Remain sitting for as long as you need, continuing to let the calmness move through you.


  • If you become distracted, gently bring your awareness back.


  • If any worries arise, allow them to be enveloped by the calmness.


  • When you feel ready resume your walk, taking an element of the calmness with you.

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