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mindful circle walking

Type of activity: Meditation / Practical

Location: Outdoors

Materials: Gathered natural materials

Length 20-30 minutes

  • Find an outdoor space where you have enough room to and will feel comfortable walking round in a big circle (no less than 3 metres wide).


  • If needed, use something to visually create your circle. This can be a rope or twigs etc.


  • Stand barefoot at the edge of your circle and take a few minutes to slow your breathing.

  • Start facing either direction on your circle with both feet together on the ground.

  • The walking you are about to begin should be done very slowly.

  • Start by lifting your first foot slightly off the ground, making sure the whole of the sole leaves the ground at the same time. Notice the sensations in your foot as it leaves the ground.

  • Move this foot forward a few inches and gently place it back down on the ground with as little weight on it as possible.

  • As you do this movement take note of how it feels to move your foot through the air and the sensations of the ground as you gently make contact.

  • Slowly put more weight through the foot, noticing the change in sensations.

  • Continue to place more weight on this foot until your other foot feels free enough to move.

  • Repeat with your second foot.

  • Continue around your circle for about 5 minutes. Attending fully to each step, noticing the sensations in your feet, your breathing, how you feel in different positions around the circle. Also attend to any sensations on your skin such as the breeze or heat from the sun.

  • Now repeat in the opposite direction. Does this feel the same or different?


Now you know the basics of walking meditation you can replicate it at opportune moments such as when you’re walking to the shops or walking the dog. It is not necessary to always walk around in a circle and you can experiment with speed. Walking meditations are an easy to work into your daily routine.

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