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reducing internal resistance

Type of activity: Visualisation

Location: Anywhere

Materials: None

Length 15 minutes

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the instructions as you will need to have your eyes closed while you complete this activity.


  • Find somewhere you can sit comfortably and undisturbed and close your eyes.


  • Focus on your breath for 1 minute. As thoughts enter your mind acknowledge them and let them go.


  • Once you are feeling more relaxed create an image in your mind of your favourite thing to do. For example, this could be relaxing with a glass of wine, reading a good book, watching a film, or eating your favourite chocolate.


  • Place yourself inside the image so you can fully experience it. What can you see, hear, and feel? Take some time to explore the experience.


  • Now place the image right out in front of you and between that image create an image of the task which you are not feeling motivated to do. Do not place yourself inside this image, just view it as a picture. The new image should completely hide the original image.


  • In the centre of the new image make a tiny hole so you can just start to see the image of your favourite thing to do shining through it. Slowly start to widen the hole until you feel the good feelings associated with your favourite thing to do.


  • Hold on to that feeling and start to reduce the size of the hole. If the feeling starts to lessen make the hole wider again until it comes back.


  • Repeat this until you can fully close the hole but still feel the good feelings.

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