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screen of the mind practical

Type of activity: Creative Practical

Location: Outdoors

Materials: Gathered natural materials / Camera

Length 30-45 minutes

To carry out this activity you will need to find an area outdoors where you can gather some natural materials such as twigs, leaves and rocks. Make sure you only use materials which have fallen naturally. Avoid taking twigs or leaves directly from trees.


  • Begin by gathering some materials. Pick things which you are naturally draw to, things which you feel reflect your current situation and things which you feel reflect where you want to be. Include some materials which you can use to make a rectangular frame on the floor.

  • Use materials which you feel represent darkness to create a rectangular frame on the floor.

  • Inside this frame use the rest of your materials to create a collage which represents your life and your current situation.

  • Take some time to observe your collage, immerse yourself in it and notice how you feel about your current situation. Allow yourself to accept that this is your current situation and that you have the power to change it.

  • Begin to rearrange your collage, bringing in new materials if needed, so that it represents the future where you have overcome your current situation.

  • Again, take some time to observe your new collage. Notice how happy this new situation makes you feel. Notice the confidence you have in knowing that you can make a change.


You may choose to take a photo of each of your collages so you can return to them to remind you that change is possible.

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