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sitting with discomfort

Type of activity: Meditation

Location: Outdoors

Materials: None

Length 20-30 minutes

  • Talk a walk in nature and open your awareness to what is happening around you. What sounds can you hear, what colours can you see, what can you feel?

  • Keep walking until one of your senses notices something unpleasant. This may be an unpleasant smell, an unattractive sight, an annoying birdsong or the temperature.

  • Pause your walk and focus on the thing which you have identified and allow it to just be.

  • Ask yourself how and why you find it unpleasant. Do you feel it in a particular part of your body? What feeling does it create for you? What is your emotional response?

  • As you explore these feelings don’t allow yourself to be pulled into them. Just accept them and let them be.

  • Remind yourself that the discomfort will not be permanent.

  • Continue your walk.

  • Now practice this with other unpleasant experiences in your everyday life.

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