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the balanced wheel of life

Type of activity: Journal

Location: Anywhere

Materials: Journal / Pen / Printout / Crayons

Length 30-40 minutes

If you can, download and print out the wheel of life. Alternatively use a page in your journal to create your own like the one at the bottom of this page. For each of the statements colour in the corresponding section of the wheel depending on the degree to which you agree with the statement. For example, if you 100% agree with the statement colour the whole section. If you 40% agree with the statement colour 40% of the section. I recommend using a different colour for each area.



  1. I have a healthy diet

  2. I exercise regularly

  3. I attend to the health of my body and mind

  4. I drink enough water

  5. I get enough rest

  6. I am happy with my physical fitness



  1. My bank account is healthy

  2. I am confident about my financial security for the future

  3. I make a difference in what I do for a living

  4. I have enough money to do all the things I want to do

  5. I have a financial plan for the future

  6. I have a healthy work/life balance



  1. I have intellectual goals which I continually update

  2. I seek out pastimes which are mentally stimulating

  3. I am always looking for new things to learn

  4. I have a positive attitude

  5. I take time to enhance my skills

  6. I am satisfied with my occupation



  1. I think positively about myself

  2. I laugh every day

  3. I express my emotions appropriately

  4. I can adapt to change well

  5. I am good at emotional self-care

  6. I have a good emotional support system



  1. I am good at resolving conflicts

  2. I am aware of other people’s feelings and take them into account

  3. I have a lasting and stable relationship with at least one person

  4. I understand how to respect boundaries

  5. I have a balanced and busy social calendar

  6. I feel like I belong



  1. I take time every day to meditate, pray or engage in a spiritual practice

  2. I feel at peace with my life

  3. My life has purpose and meaning

  4. I continue to grow spiritually

  5. I live my life in the moment

  6. I feel my inner and outer world are connected


Now you have your finished wheel, use your journal to reflect on the following questions.



  1. Which section has the most colour?

  2. Which section has the least colour?

  3. Is there anything you were not expecting?

  4. Can you identify any areas which you would like to work on?

  5. How can you start making changes?

Wheel of Life.png
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