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Turning off autopilot

Type of activity: Journal

Location: Anywhere but preferably somewhere quiet and peaceful outdoors

Materials: Journal / Pen

Length 15-20 minutes

  • Take your journal or a pen and paper and find a quiet place outdoors where you can sit free from distraction. Try find somewhere you can feel relaxed and there are few people.


  • Start to write down every thought which comes into your mind, regardless of what the thought is about. Do this for at least 1 minute but longer if you feel you need to.


  • Stop writing, close your eyes and listen to the background noise. Perhaps the wind blowing through the leaves, distant traffic, water flowing in a river, bird song.


  • If any thoughts come into your mind acknowledge them and let them go, returning your attention to the background noise.


  • Continue to listen until your mind feels calmer.


  • Now take your journal and write down what you need to do to move forward and what may currently be stopping you.

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