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working with difficult emotions

Type of activity: Meditation

Location: Outdoors

Materials: None

Length 20-30 minutes

  • Identify some difficult emotions which you are experiencing and would like to work on.


  • Take a walk outdoors and as you walk bring your awareness to your surroundings.

  • Find a quiet location which you feel safe, calm, and comfortable.

  • Continue to focus your attention outwardly, bringing your awareness to your surroundings. Engaging your senses to fully connect with the environment around you.

  • Once you feel a strong connection to your surrounding turn your attention inwards and explore the difficult emotions which you have identified.

  • Focus on allowing the emotions to be rather than responding to them or trying to change them.

  • Now expand your awareness to encompass your surroundings and allow your surroundings to support you in holding your difficult emotions. Gradually releasing the burden of the emotions to the natural world which is large enough and strong enough to hold them.

  • Choose some natural materials to represent your difficult emotions and use the to build an altar. This will physically represent you handing over your difficult emotions to the natural world.

  • Continue your walk allowing any remainders of the difficult emotions float out of you and into your surroundings.


Take as much time as you need before returning home following this activity. You may want to take your journal with you and find a quiet place to reflect on your experience of the activity. If you felt particularly supported by the area you chose return to it as often as you need to and repeat this activity.

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