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working with timelines

Type of activity: Visualisation

Location: Outdoors

Materials: None

Length 20-30 minutes

Take a walk outdoors and find an area with lots of space to move around freely.

Stand up and close your eyes. Think back to a memory in your past, you may be able to see the memory in your mind or may hear it. Now point your finger to the past. Remembering where that is do the same with the future. Thinking of something which is going to happen in the future, point to where it is. Finally, bring your awareness to the present moment and point to where that it. You should now be able to draw a line from your past through the present moment and to your future. This represents where you experience your timeline.

Now open your eyes stretch your imaginary line out across the space you are in. This can use as much or as little space as you feel necessary.

  • Visualise your goal clearly, giving it life and energy, and identify where achieving it sits on your timeline.


  • Now physically walk along your timeline until you reach the point where you have achieved your goal. Standing in this position close your eyes and envision yourself achieving this goal. How does it make you feel to be successful? Engaging all your sense, what can you see, hear, feel, and smell? Make the visualisation bigger and brighter and fully immerse yourself in it.


  • Identify what you needed to achieve this goal and what obstacles you overcame. What resources can you bring back to the present to help you achieve this goal? What changes do you need to make?


  • Walk back down your timeline to the present moment, bringing with you the feeling of success and the resources which you have identified. As you walk down your timeline you will pass through all the events which will lead to your success and you can see how it will all fall into place. What skills did it require? What plans did you need to put into place? Did you require anyone’s help?

Once you are back in the present moment notice how you now feel about the goal. Do you feel more enthusiastic and positive about it? Do you have a new motivation? Do you have new resources to help you achieve it? Take some time to reflect on this in your journal.

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